"SPC-XML(v0.4): An intermediate programming language representation for nested-parallel environments"

Arturo González Escribano, Arjan J. C. van Gemund, Valentín Cardeñoso Payo

Informe técnico: IT-DI-2005-0001

Documento completo: Formato pdf Pdf (283 Kb) .

Resumen: This document presents a parallel programming language based on XML, which can be useful as an intermediate representation for nested-parallel programs. It is a coordination language which clearly makes a separation between the parallelism specification and the sequential code pieces. The design criteria of this language are oriented to make it specially useful on nested-parallel programming environments where scheduling and other compiling techniques need to obtain synchronization structural information from the program specification. This specification supersedes preliminary versions of SPC-XML (from v0.1 to v0.3)

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