"Calculating coarse communication code for parallel distributed-memory systems"

Ana Moreton-Fernandez, Arturo Gonzalez-Escribano, Diego R. Llanos

Informe técnico: IT-DI-2015-0002

Documento completo: Formato pdf Pdf (632 Kb).

Resumen: This paper presents a technique that automatically calculates at runtime, for affine expressions, the exact aggregated communications needed in a distributed-memory programming model. This technique generalizes and improves previous methods presented to compute ag- gregated communications. It avoids duplicated data communications, it reduces the number of communication operations, and allows dynamic loops with data-dependent conditions. It is based on intersections of re- mote and local footprints in terms of the mapping functions chosen. The technique works with information about data accesses obtained from the original input code, and relays on information about the mapping of the distributed data structures provided by the runtime-system.

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