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DiceRoller - Dice simulator

DiceRoller is an add-on I developed (and I'm still improving) for the forums software Vanilla. The idea is to help on using Vanilla for play-by-post games. As consequence of a request in Salgan al Sol forums, I decided to develop a web interface for the engine of the Vanilla add-on. Thus, DiceRoller has now two possible interfaces or working environments.

DiceRoller for Vanilla

In its Vanilla version, DiceRoller (Add-on) is an extension ready to be downloaded and installed on any Vanilla 1.x software.

It helps to use Vanilla for play-by-post games. On any comment, the user may add a text with a dice function, like #dados(3d6+2d8-4). The extension automatically adds a text with the random results for that dice roll.

Moreover, the comments with dice rolls are blocked to avoid users to edit them. Thus, they cannot change the dice function, re-roll it, or change the text that explains what is the meaning of the roll.

Clicking with the mouse on the results text, a contextual menu appears with some layout options, which may be useful for some games. It includes options to sort the results (up or down), show/hide the type of each die, and show/hide the sum of the results.

DiceRoller Web

DiceRoller Web is a web interface using the dice rolling engine in the Vanilla extension.

The web page has a form with a text field to write the dice specifications, with a buttom to roll. Each time you roll dice, the results are added to the history list of rolls, which is shown on the page. Thus, it is possible to roll many times the same or different combinations of dice, and see the results all together.

The contextual menus allow to change the layout options for a given roll. Moreover, the page has some buttoms with the same layout options, but using them you are applying the options to all the rolls in the history list at the same time.

Do you need any other option?

The current version (v0.6) supports a file to specify new special dice. It is possible to define any dice with numerical results, repeated on several sides or not, consecutive or not. For example, the file has by default support for Fudge dice (with results -1,0,+1).

I'm in contact with someone who is working on developing dice icons with all the possible results for the common ones. They will be used to substitute the textual results by graphical representations. The new version will include support to associate any result of any type of dice to a given image file. This option will be available in the next version (v0.7) as soon as the icons are ready.

If you need any other kind of funcionality, please, write me an eMail to discuss if it is possible to include it on the software.



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