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Juegos de Rol (Role-Playing Games)

Games designed by Arturo

This block is dedicated to the role-playing games designed by myself. At this moment, the only finished games I have, may them work properly or not, have been developed under the pressure of a contest or a similar developing event. All the other plans and projects are half-baked and are still kept in drawers and binders. Perhaps someday one of them will grow-up to come here.

Cuentos de Robin Hood

Robin Hood is an outlaw. His Merry Party frightens those who should dare to travel through Sherwood. The Sheriff of Nottingham has sworn to capture them. But, what is behind this crafty merry man that fouls the Sheriff? Who is really this Sheriff who everybody fears, but Robin?

A two-pages game for two players with a Spanish deck of cards (only in Spanish)

My Group of Role-Players

The characters are a group of Role-Players with very different social and creative agendas. Will they be able to make it through their troubles to keep on playing? Or will the accumulated tension explode right under their very noses? Explore with this satyric vision the meaning of a disfunctional play.

This game was an entry of the 2008 GameChef contest.

The Red Death

This is a role playing game to collectively create stories of horror and dreamed fantasy. We will play about opium smokers and dreamed characters enclosed in a palace where they are safe from the Red Death. But, not forever.

This game is an entry of the 2007 GameChef contest. It got a third mention to the Creative Minimalism prize.


Disaster! is a game where characters face an overwhelming threat which surely will destroy their community and their world. The players play the role of special people which are both, boosted and hindered by the emotions of other significant characters. They will share their happiness and hopes, but also their pain and deception. Thus, they will need to protect others to save themselves. When pain becomes unbearable, they have the choice to go far beyond it. Getting into a trance-state where they are disconnected from their emotions, they are able to perform amazing deeds. But this may endanger both, their safety and the safety of the others. Will any one of them survive the terrible coming disaster? Probably not, but they will make a good tale fighting until their last stance.

This game is an entry for the October 2005 Ronnies contest. Disaster! got a second category prize.


At the end of 2005, Ron Edwards organized at The Forge several contests to develop role-playing games in 24 hours. The name of the contest is derivated from Ron being the organizer and the only judge. Some published games like Contenders or Hierarchy were baked at the Ronnies.

Develop a game in 24 hours is a crazy thing. In the best case, you got the draft of a previous version of the game. Sometimes it is completely functional. Sometimes is just an idea that never develops as you want. But the effort does worth. You learn a lot about throwing away the futile and to focus the design on what you really want to bring into the game.

I participated in the October 2005 Ronnies, with the game Disaster!.

Game Chef

The Game Chef is a popular and sometimes controversial contest/event of role-playing games development. It last one to two weeks. During this time, the contestants work together to help others to designs their games. The nature of the contest has changed along the last years, mainly due to its popularization, it has grown a lot. Some memorable games has been cooked at their cuisines: The Mountain Witch, The Shab-al-Hiri Roach, Carry, ...

I have participated two times. In the 2007 and in the 2008 editions. The courses I cooked were The Red Death and My Group of Role-Players.






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